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Aligning Business & Digital Strategy, Pirates of the Caribbean Style.

"‘The problem is not the problem. The problem is your attitude about the problem’ – wise words from our favourite pirate, Jack Sparrow. If Captain Sparrow navigated digital transformation in Aotearoa, he’d likely have a yarn or two about the rollicking journey.

Let’s take a leaf out of his logbook (with a grain of salt) for a bit of guidance on aligning our business and IT strategies.

Steering Through the IT and Business Straits – A Pirate's (Not So) Foolproof Plan:

  • No Sailing Blind: Jack’s love for impromptu adventures is legendary, but in our digital seas, sailing without a strategic chart is like finding your way to the Hauraki Gulf without a compass. A bit of planning goes a long way.

  • Make Sure Your IT Crew Isn't Marooned: Treating IT like it’s stranded on Great Barrier Island, separate from the business mainland, won’t do. We need everyone aboard the waka, paddling together.

  • Tackle the Digital 'Krakens' Early: Whether it’s legacy systems or change resistance, face these beasts head-on. Ignoring them is like letting that cheeky kea snatch your lunch – not ideal.

Crew Collaboration - More Than Just a Spot of Teamwork:

  • Have Regular Yarns Across Teams: Just like a good chinwag at the local, regular catchups across departments ensure everyone’s singing from the same song sheet.

  • Value Every Mate’s Two Cents: Every idea, even the wild ones, could be a hidden gem. Remember, innovation often comes from thinking outside the square.

The Captain’s Role - More Than Just a Title:

  • Be Active at the Helm: A captain’s more than just for show – they’re guiding the ship. Same goes for our leaders in the digital transformation journey.

  • Fly the Colours Proudly: Show your commitment to this joint venture. It's like flying the All-Blacks’ flag – it rallies the team and sets the tone.

Wrapping It All Up:

Taking on digital transformation with a bit of Jack Sparrow’s gumption (and a lot more planning) might just be the ticket. Remember, it’s the journey of bringing our tech and business goals together that really counts. Now, let's hoist the sails (not our own petard) and catch the digital wind!



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